A Career in Executive Compensation

What We’ve Been Up To

Outside of our client work, we collectively participate in several events throughout the year including an annual beach day, community service events, and more! Check out some of our recent events below. We also contribute internally to a number of industry-focused publications.

Malibu Madness Firm Event (October 2018)

The day after DIDI5, we put away the Gallup StrengthsFinder tests in favor of a strength the whole firm exhibits—fun (not a Gallup strength but still important). We journeyed up the 405 and down Kanan Canyon to Malibu Café for an afternoon filled with barbecue, bull riding, paddle boating, and lawn games.

DIDI5 Event (October 2018)

In the fall, the whole firm met in Los Angeles for the 5th annual DIDI (Dream It, Do It), one of our firm meetings that is focused on innovation and team-building. This year, DIDI5 focused on finding our top 5 strengths using the Gallup Strengths Finder test. We put our learner strengths into action, using the context of each other’s strengths to help build connectedness through communication and consistency.

New Semler Brossy Initiative “W@SBCG” (October 2018)

W@SBCG is an internal initiative for women, woman-identifying, and women’s allies that aims to increase the representation and success of women at SBCG. We have quarterly meetings designed to build connections, offer a support system and focus on topics aimed at tackling challenges women face in the workplace. While everyone was in the office for the firm meeting, we held our 3rd meeting with discussion around Sheryl Sandberg’s TEDTalk, “Why we have too few women leaders,” an article from AESC, “Checking Your Blind Spot: Ways to find and fix unconscious bias,” and an article from the Agenda, “LGBT Directors’ Group Slowly Gaining Momentum.”

Halloween Costume Contest (October 2018)

Every year, the Landmark Wilshire (our LA office building) and the SBCG office host a Halloween costume contest (sorry Landmarkers, this contest is an SBCG exclusive)! This year featured a wide variety of costumes; we had a baby monkey sighting, a guest appearance from the Mario brothers, and spotted the oh-so talented duo of Kanye West and Lil Pump. We can’t wait to see next year’s costume renditions!

Milestone Year 1 Training (September 2018)

In September, the July 2018 and January 2019 associate classes headed west to Santa Monica to hone their communication skills with a full day of in-depth training. The day was filled with interactive training, presentations and even a group session led by a special guest from the Groundlings Improv school! At the end of the day, the group relaxed by the beach with dinner at Herringbone restaurant on Ocean Ave.