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July 14, 2014

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Fewer Fireworks for this Year's Proxy Season | The Washington Post (subscription required) | July 16, 2014

Several new topics gained notoriety in the 2014 proxy season despite fewer 'fireworks' than seen in the past, a recent ISS study reports. The report concludes that the number of resolutions focused on environmental and social issues is expected to surpass those focused on governance for the first time ever. The proxy advisor's report also shows a greater level of interaction between investors and boards. While executive pay figures and investor activism continue to generate news headlines, nearly three-quarters of Say on Pay proposals received over 90% support in 2014. Read more

Congress Considers Executive Compensation Legislation

Congress is currently considering two pieces of legislation to regulate excessive executive compensation. The first, the CEO/Employee Pay Fairness Act (not yet introduced), would require a company to raise the minimum wage of its employees to $10.10 an hour or higher in order to deduct compensation in excess of $1 million dollars under section 162(m). The second, Amendment S. 2589: Protecting Employees and Retirees in Business Bankruptcies Act of 2014, would restrict the ability of a bankrupt company to pay an executive bonus. It would also put any general executive bonus at the discretion of a court. Neither bill is expected to advance through Congress.

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