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October 6, 2014

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PwC’s 2014 Annual Corporate Directors Survey Highlights – Executive Compensation and Director Communications | PWC | October 7, 2014

PwC's 2014 Directors' Survey finds that directors continue to consider executive compensation consultants as the most influential input into decisions regarding executive compensation. Additionally, Say-On-Pay and proxy advisors both impact how directors think about compensation disclosure. Survey responses show that directors are communicating more with both employees and shareholders, but remain concerned about sending mixed messages and about the "agenda" of some investors. PwC sees increased director communication as a major trend that will shape how boards operate going forward. Read more

How to Buy a Company and Keep Its Top Talent | CFO (subscription required) | October 10, 2014

A recent Towers Watson survey of retention policies at 248 companies indicates that retention of value-producing employees is essential to success during an acquisition. The survey reveals that retention rates are linked to more than just higher retention bonuses - companies tend to have higher retention when they rely on manager's discretion and senior leadership input instead of HR data when deciding which employees to keep. Increased retention concerns have also led companies to allocate more funds toward retention during a merger or acquisition. Read more

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