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August 11, 2014

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Proxy Adviser to Let Companies Verify Some Data | WSJ: CFO Journal (subscription required) | August 14, 2014

Beginning with proxy statements filed after September 8th, ISS will allow US companies to verify key data used in the proxy advisor's decision to support an equity plan. The change comes in response to criticism for ISS's lack of transparency. Tim Bartl, president of the Center on Executive Compensation, is hopeful the new verification process will lead to "a renewed focus on improving ISS's accuracy and analysis." Read more

Just One Company Fails 'Say on Parachute' Vote | Agenda (subscription required) | August 18, 2014

Experts credit shareholder outreach efforts in 2014 for the decrease in "Say on Parachute" failures - failures fell from nine in 2013 to just one in 2014 despite twice the number of corporate takeovers. "Say on Parachute" is a non-binding vote that allows shareholders to voice concern over the severance packages executives receive after their company is acquired. The vote was implemented as part of the Dodd Frank act in 2010 but has yet to endanger a corporate takeover. Golden parachute proposals have averaged 81% approval this year. Read more

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