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March 16, 2015

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SEC Chief Sees Virtue in Activist Investors | NYT: Dealbook (subscription required) | March 19, 2015

SEC Chair Mary Jo White recently commented that shareholder activism can be beneficial to both companies and shareholders, noting that it should not be portrayed negatively in every case.  While critics argue that shareholder activism is driven by investors with short-term goals that can ultimately harm a company, proponents cite the practice as a key source of accountability.  Ms. White acknowledged that shareholder activism has created an important debate, but suggested that, ultimately, it is not the SEC’s role to determine the merits of each campaign. Read more

Executive Compensation Programs Go Global | Agenda (subscription required) | March 23, 2015

An increasing number of multinational companies are choosing to align executive compensation programs across countries.  The author cites several reasons for this trend, including tax regimes being brought into line across countries, the development of global corporate strategies, and greater workforce mobility.  While the environment for aligning executive compensation across countries is becoming more favorable, the author notes that compensation committees should still allow room for regional differences in pay. Read more

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