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April 18, 2016

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Survey: What Directors Think | Spencer Stuart (download) | April 21, 2016

In this year’s NYSE Governance Services survey, What Directors Think, directors reveal the biggest concerns and challenges facing their corporations in 2016. The survey highlights that the top four most significant challenges cited were an uncertain economy, market risk and compliance, cyber security, and political uncertainty. In terms of cyber security and planning, 57% of directors surveyed noted they have not vetted a crisis communications plan in the past 12 months, a red flag for cyber governance. Read more

Spotlight: New Rules on Wall Street Pay

U.S. regulators have proposed new rules that will affect how bankers are paid in an effort to curb excessive risk-taking and advance the reforms coming out of Dodd-Frank. The new rules would require certain firms to defer payment of at least half of executives’ bonuses for four years as well as implement a minimum clawback period of seven years. Some fear this tough stance may cause a flight of talent from the banking sector to other, less restrictive industries. Semler Brossy has prepared a summary of the proposed rules, which is included in the Our Insights section.

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