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February 1, 2016

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Americans and CEO Pay: 2016 Public Perception Survey on CEO Compensation | Stanford Rock Center for Corporate Governance (download) | February 1, 2016

A paper by Stanford University's Rock Center for Corporate Governance reports that 74 percent of Americans believe that CEOs are not paid the correct amount relative to the average worker. The survey of 1,202 individuals shows most people support drastic reductions in CEO pay, however, just less than 50 percent think that the government should intervene. The authors also point out the answers vary considerably based upon the respondent’s income bracket. Read more

Comp Committees Tweak Bonus Plans to Fit Strategy | Agenda (subscription required) | February 8, 2016

According to an analysis by Compensation Advisory Partners, many companies are adjusting their annual incentive bonus plans to further align pay with company performance and strategic focus. In any given year, around a third of companies make changes to bonus plans; typical changes include changing metric weightings or adding, replacing, or removing metrics. Another study by ClearBridge Compensation Group found that the number of companies using three or four metrics in their bonus plan increased from 51 percent in 2013 to 57 percent in 2014. Read more

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