Goal-Based Compensation

Drive the Debate | Volume 2

Part 1: Can Goal-Based Compensation Work?

99% of annual incentives plans have goal-based incentives. Today, executive compensation is often tied to company performance. Designing these programs is no easy feat, but it can be done and requires some work. Mark Emanuel and Roger Brossy examine ways that companies can pick the right measures and set the right goals.

Part 2: Using Compensation to Drive Behavior and Strategy

Do performance-based incentives work in executive compensation? Are goal-based incentives effective in driving management behavior? Stephen Charlebois and Barry Sullivan discuss how performance-based compensation is important and how it can be effective in focusing attention, driving needed behaviors and signaling organizational values.

Part 3: Should Boards Adjust Performance Goals?

Should companies adjust performance goals as it pertains to incentive-based compensation plans? Michael Gorski and John Borneman discuss when it might appropriate to make adjustments to results. When should restructuring or unplanned events be taken into consideration? Gorski and Borneman share examples of how companies have reacted in such situations.

Vol 3: Executive Pay: When Is Best Practice Not Best Practice?

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