Long-Term Incentives:
Does Your Program Work?

Drive the Debate | Volume 4

Part 1: Does Your Long-Term Incentive Program Work?

Roger Brossy and Greg Arnold kick off this new series of Drive the Debate, which focuses on long-term incentives. The two discuss how to tell if long-term incentives are working or not, how and when companies might step away from prevalent practice, and case studies of long-term incentive designs that break the mold.

Part 2: Long-Term Incentive Design in the Absence of Say on Pay Influences

Mark Emanuel and Todd Sirras discuss long-term incentive design at private and public companies that don’t face pressures to homogenize their pay programs based on a set of best practices that stem from Say on Pay and other forces.

Part 3: Managing Shareholder Engagement

Blair Jones and Jason Brooks discuss when companies should engage with shareholders about their executive compensation designs, as well as strategies for engagement, particularly when the designs deviate from normal practices.

Part 4: The Leading Edge of Longer-Term Incentives

Barry Sullivan and Steve Charlebois discuss unconventional incentive design, particularly in the technology industry, and whether companies should consider stepping away from the norm.

Part 5: Using Your Pay Program to Drive Business Transformations and Turnarounds

Kathryn Neel and Rami Glatt discuss how pay programs can evolve to support the priorities of companies that are undergoing a turnaround or transformation.

Part 6: Considering Staking Grants

John Borneman and Michael Gorski discuss the concept of staking grants, which involves front-loading future equity awards into one grant and making it at one time.

Part 7: Front-Loaded Performance Awards: When to Use, When to Steer Clear, and How to Get them Right

Olivia Tay and Seamus O’Toole discuss the how’s and why’s of front-loaded, performance-based equity awards: why they make sense, when to consider and avoid them, and how to get the design right.

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