Predictions for the 2019 season.

Our predictions this year are about average Say on Pay support, the percentage of companies failing Say on Pay, average Director election vote results, and enhancements to CEO Pay Ratio disclosures.

Early Say on Pay vote results.

141 Russell 300 companies have held Say on Pay votes thus far in 2019, and the average vote support has been 91.6%. Only two companies (1.4%) have failed Say on Pay so far this year: Nuance Communications and PTC Inc.

Breakdown of equity plan proposal votes.

Average vote support for equity proposals thus far in the proxy season (83.8%) has been significantly lower than the 88.6% average support observed over the previous three years.

Director election results and observations.

Early 2019 proxy season vote support for Director nominees is 100 basis points higher than the year-end vote support observed in 2018; however, average vote support was near 97.0% as of this time last year before declining to the year-end level (95.5%).

Say on Pay vote results by GICS sector

Read our four Say on Pay predictions and gain more insight into the 2019 season!

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