Executive Pay:
When Is Best Practice
Not Best Practice?

Drive the Debate | Volume 3

Part 1: Is It Time to Step Away from Conventional Wisdom?

John Borneman and Dan Marcus kick off the “Executive Pay” series of Drive the Debate. The two discuss examples of how committees can establish a set of principles to develop their executive compensation programs and how to make pay decisions.

Part 2: When and Why to Step Away from Conventional Wisdom?

Barry Sullivan and Kathryn Neel discuss executive pay and when it’s acceptable to step away from conventional wisdom and when to chart your own course. Considerations include the need to compete for talent and specific business requirements.

Part 3: Is it Time to Embrace a New Generation of Options?

Michael Gorski and Roger Brossy discuss stock options, and whether it’s time to embrace a new generation of options. Brossy and Gorski explore the history of options and how they have evolved. Find out what this means for executive pay today and strategies your company can use.

Part 4: Are Fixed Share Grants a Better Way to Align Pay / Performance?

Dan Marcus and Casandra Rusti discuss an uncommon approach to granting equity. In this Drive the Debate episode, the two talk about conventional wisdom vs. a new strategy that is becoming common practice. Compensation committees should think about granting equity based on the number of shares granted, rather than the dollar grant value.

Part 5: Can You Transform Your Business Without Transforming Pay?

In this installment of Drive the Debate, Blair Jones and Mark Emanuel talk about how businesses going through a transformation have an opportunity to revisit their compensation programs. The two examine case studies of how a company going through a turnaround or strategic reinvention can develop compensation strategies to remain competitive.

Vol. 4: Long-Term Incentives: Does Your Program Work?

Learn more about what executive compensation consulting can do for your company.

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