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Annual & Long-Term Incentive Program Design

Read about recent trends in annual and long-term incentive program design, including budgeting, selection of performance metrics, target setting, the role of discretion, vehicle mix, and the role of equity in talent retention.

Setting 2009 Executive Compensation: A Real-Time Discussion About Annual Bonuses

This issue of “Advancing the Dialogue” considers the challenges surrounding annual bonuses. It suggests ways to tackle goal setting and employ discretion to ensure annual plans reflect today’s realities and also consider the interests of all stakeholders. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Roger Brossy and Blair Jones. Read more

Setting 2009 Executive Compensation: A Real-Time Discussion About Long-Term Incentive Plans

This issue of “Advancing the Dialogue” explores the thorny issues surrounding long-term incentives, including: How can companies structure long-term awards in the current environment? Does long-term goal setting make sense given the turbulence and low visibility in today’s economy? What reasonable approaches exist to address the challenge of underwater options? Read the entire article (PDF) written by Roger Brossy and Blair Jones. Read more

Finalizing 2008 and Setting 2009 Executive Compensation: A Real-time Discussion of Critical Issues

Many companies, Boards and Compensation Committees are faced with important decisions in determining annual bonus and long term incentive compensation for performance periods ended in 2008 and setting performance periods and goals for periods beginning in 2009. The 2008 recession, current volatile and highly-charged economic and political environment, and poor visibility into whatever else 2009 might bring make this year's compensation setting season more challenging than ever. Register to View Archived Webcast >> Download Webcast Slides >> Read more

Long-Term Performance Plans: Overcoming Design Challenges

Companies are facing increasing pressure from shareholders and regulatory mandates to consider compensation vehicles that reward long-term performance. The success of these programs requires identifying the right metrics and establishing suitable goals. This article, written by Seymour Burchman and Blair Jones, provides four approaches to goal setting for performance-based pay programs. Read more

Four Trends in Executive Compensation

Increased scrutiny of executive compensation has led a majority of companies to revamp their compensation programs, with many emphasizing long-term performance plans to link pay and performance. This examination of four trends in long-term plans explores key considerations to avoid a well intentioned plan with unintended consequences. Read more

Executive Compensation as a Support for a Growth Strategy

Compensation can be critical to building and sustaining motivation and commitment, as well as ensuring the required talent is available and focusing in the right direction. Compensation can help a company attract the right talent to the key roles responsible for driving top-line growth. In addition, with the right leadership in place, incentive plan design can reinforce the growth strategies through performance measures and goals that influence corporate and/or business unit top-line growth. Read more

Should Do, Can Do, Will Do: Setting Incentive Goals That Yield Results

Without appropriate goals and measures, business results could be neutral. This article focuses on the identification of appropriate performance measures for all organizational levels and setting mutually supportive goals that reinforce key strategies and lead to improved shareholder value. Read the entire article (PDF) written by Seymour Burchman and Blair Jones. Read more