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Compensation Philosophy & Programs

Browse the latest articles on pay philosophy, including articles on pay prominance, strategic valuation of pay, talent retention methods, framing the compensation discussion and analysis (CD&A) portion of the proxy statement, and non-direct compensation matters such as SERPs and employee benefits.

ESG Discussions on Zippy Point

Semler Brossy's Blair Jones and Pay Governance’s Mike Kesner explain the latest developments for ESG metrics for incentive pay. Read more

Roger Brossy published in Ethisphere Magazine: Notes From the Field

One would be hard-pressed not to be slack-jawed over the revelation of fraud at Volkswagen in late 2015. The audacious scale of the perpetration—11 million cars, over 8 years, in 36 countries—was hard to fathom. Bad acting on both this and a lesser scale drives observers of corporate governance to reflexively ask, “What’s going on at the top?” Read more

Look Beyond Incentive Pay to Spur Inclusion

By promoting diversity and inclusion, directors spur behavioral modification, not just D&I scorekeeping. They thereby lay the foundation for accelerated and permanent change. Coveted promotions and pay raises go to leaders who best exemplify a culture of inclusive leadership. Read more