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Navigating the Storm: Compensation Committee Best Practices for Today’s Environment

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“Storm conditions” on the executive compensation front make it particularly important for a company’s Board to be proactive and make decisions from a position of strength. To explore what Boards, Compensation Committees, and their advisors are thinking and doing, Agenda recently hosted a roundtable discussion by a select panel of Board members and compensation advisors. Blair Jones, a Semler Brossy Managing Principal, participated on the panel. The discussion (captured in the report, “Navigating the Storm”) focused on compensation philosophy and the application of best practices – particularly timely, given the press spotlight coinciding with significant regulatory, legislative, and economic pressures. Effective navigation starts with a compensation philosophy laying out key principles as a foundation for setting goals and rewards and taking necessary actions to ensure the creation and protection of shareholder value. Actions driven by a set of shared principles, coupled with open lines of communication, will serve a board well – ensuring it can proactively and effectively address problems and take action with conviction, appropriately balancing and responding to internal and external pressures.