Global mergers and acquisitions are on a record-breaking pace in 2018.

CEO confidence appears to be at a high point, the tax cut and repatriation of earnings is helping fuel deal-making, and worries presented by government regulation have lessened with the recent approval of AT&T’s acquisition of Time Warner.

Compensation can be a powerful tool to help support the pre-close and integration process. 

Two different types of compensation tools – retention awards and transition incentives – are typically used to supplement other incentive or severance programs that might already be in place.

Post-close considerations involve developing a new program for the new business and evaluating whether executives are adequately staked in the new organization. 

Developing a new program includes aligning 1) pay levels and mix, 2) bonus plan metrics and design, and 3) long-term incentive vehicles and vesting with the new business objectives.

Eligible executives can be assessed against these criteria.

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