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Mark Emanuel Featured in Agenda

Semler Brossy’s Mark Emanuel was featured in the Agenda article, “Investors Want Access to Comp Chairs” by Gavin Pierce on June 23, 2017. The article discusses when and how compensation committee chairs decide to get involved in shareholder engagement issues.

“I most typically see the compensation committee chair getting involved either in response to or in anticipation of a low or failed say-on-pay vote. Or, generally speaking, say-on-pay challenges,” says Mark Emanuel, principal at Semler Brossy.

Experts say there are benefits to engaging the compensation committee chair on topics involving pay, even when shareholders haven’t complained.

Internally, it is just good practice to have a board representative included in engagement meetings, instead of a management-only coterie, says Emanuel. Having a board member in the room or on the phone with investors allows the board to gain a firsthand appreciation for and understanding of the investors’ feedback, he explains.

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