Semler Brossy featured in Bloomberg: “Use SEC Pay Ratio to Set Chief Exec’s Pay, Academic Says”

From the March 22 article in Bloomberg BNA’s Corporate Law & Accountability Report: “Although say-on-pay has forced engagement among management, boards and investors on pay issues, it hasn’t dampened high CEO compensation, Barbara Krumsiek, director at Pepco Holdings Inc., said.

Say-on-pay definitely has made compensation committees sit up straight and be diligent, and it is a very important light to shine on compensation, she said.

A recent study by Semler Brossy Consulting Group found that 91 percent of shareholders voted to approve executive compensation plans last year. Sixty-one companies failed say-on-pay in 2015, the highest number of negative votes in any year since they were first required to be held in 2011, the study found.

Deborah C. Wright, a Time Warner Inc. director, agreed that little has changed when it comes to CEO pay, though companies and boards spend a lot of time and money on compensation consultants attempting to develop metrics and peer groups to set executive pay.”

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