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Seymour Burchman and Kathryn Neel Featured in Bloomberg

Semler Brossy’s Seymour Burchman and Kathryn Neel were recently featured in the Bloomberg article, “CEO Pay Up 940% Faces Its Coronavirus Reckoning,” where they are quoted discussing how executive compensation can aim to change in a post-pandemic world.

A third step could be to increase the non-financial portion of targets to as much as half of the total. Again, these aren’t popular with advisers who dismiss what they see as soft goals. Still, as compensation consultant Seymour Burchman of Semler Brossy argues, they reinforce strategy if tailored, specific and measurable. Dutch bank ING Groep NV, for example, uses retail customer growth as one measure. Others might use customer satisfaction, investment targets, total recordable injury frequency rate or, as Semler Brossy’s Kathryn Neel points out, corporate reputation, as gauged by a third party.

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