Todd Sirras Featured in Corporate Counsel’s “The 2015 GC Compensation Survey” Commentary

The Corporate Counsel recently released its survey of top-paid general counsels. The survey looks at top-paid general counsels in terms of earner, sectors and more.

In its analysis of the survey’s results, the Corporate Counsel quoted Semler Brossy Managing Director Todd Sirras on the topic of how general counsel performance is measured:

“It’s often not as specific as something like a litigation outcome, unless it’s make-or-break for the company,” offers Todd Sirras, managing director of Los Angeles-based executive compensation consulting firm Semler Brossy. “It’s more on corporate goals or objectives, and in many of the larger companies’ performance measures are shareholder returns.”

Speaking of shares, though cash pay for GCs in our survey was nothing to sneeze at, the truth is, equity is still what makes executives the big bucks. And in a trend reminiscent of the dot-com boom years, pay packages are now emphasizing this type of compensation more. “It’s a multiyear trend that’s going on, it’s a pattern that in recent history happens in periods of stable or rising equity markets,” says Sirras. “It’s fully in line with what we would expect to see.”

Read the entire analysis and access the survey, “The 2015 GC Compensation Survey
Stock: Options and equity in general stage a comeback in this year’s survey.” (Subscription required).