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Early Season Environmental Proposal Support Declines from 2018 Levels

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1,067 Russell 3000 companies have held Say on Pay votes thus far in 2019 and the average vote support is 91.3%. 17 companies failed Say on Pay since our last report, bringing the failure rate to 1.9%. 1,837 Russell 3000 companies have filed CEO pay ratio disclosures for 2019. The median Pay Ratio filed thus far is 77:1 and the median of median employee compensation is $65,850. The median year-over-year (YoY) change in CEO Pay Ratio by company is +2% while YoY changes at the 25th and 75th percentiles are -13% and +23%, respectively.

228 equity proposals have been submitted thus far and have received an average vote support of 89.5%. Average vote support for Director nominees is 95.7%, a slight increase from vote support in 2018. Shareholders have submitted 14 environmental proposals and 58 social proposals to Russell 3000 companies thus far in 2019. Median support for environmental proposals is down 700 basis points from 2018 levels and median support for social proposals is up 300 basis points.