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Report update: 10 new companies below 50%

Report update:  10 new companies below 50%Download PDF

We collected results for 309 more companies this week, bringing our total to 1,384 for the season. This week, we found ten more companies that failed Say on Pay, bringing our total to 27. These companies include: Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Annaly Capital Management, Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Boston Properties, Dynamic Materials, Geron, Kilroy Realty, RadioShack, Strategic Hotels & Resorts, and Ultimate Software Group. Year-over-year, fewer companies are failing Say on Pay (to date, 2.0% of the sample; 2.6% of the sample failed in 2012) and receiving ISS ‘against’ recommendations (to date, 12% of companies; this compares with 14% of companies in 2012).