Report update: 45 failures…and what happened at Nabors/Chesapeake?

Report update:  45 failures...and what happened at Nabors/Chesapeake?Download PDF

With over 1,700 results collected, total failures for the season now stand at 45. Five new companies announced failures this week: Nabors Industries, American Eagle Outfitters, Chesapeake Energy, Epiq Systems, and G-III Apparel. We discuss Nabors Industries and Chesapeake Energy in more detail in our “Vote of the Week” – both companies received significant opposition in both 2011 and 2012. At both companies, it appears shareholders maintained concerns over the pay programs’ alignment with performance as well as broader governance practices. A majority of shareholder votes at both companies were cast against new bonus programs and cast in favor of proxy access proposals. At the industry level, health care companies in aggregate have received less support than other industries (5% of companies have failed, while 12% have received vote results below 70%). Consumer staples and financials have received the most support, with only 4% of consumer staple companies and 6% of financial companies receiving vote results below 70%, as compared to the Russell 3000 average of 8.6%.